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Breakfast Pastry

  • Apple Turnover
    $1.69 Apple Turnover
    Turnover filled with diced tart apples.

  • Croissant
    $1.69 Choose Options Croissant
    Buttery flaky croissants. Pick any kind you like.

  • Danish
    $1.69 Choose Options Danish
    With apple, apricot, raspberry options.

  • Donut
    $1.00 Choose Options Donut
    Get your coffee from coffee&tea section and make it a nice snack.

  • Muffin
    $1.69 Choose Options Muffin
    Choose the flavor you like and enjoy your soft&tasty muffin.

  • Scone
    $1.69 Choose Options Scone
    Lovely crisp crust with a rich buttery flavor and raisin or apricot on it.